Amazing! That is the word I have chosen to describe my weekend.

Had the birthday party for #1, #3, and #4 yesterday. KD told me the night before that he would not be there. I wasn’t sure who would be there. We had my grandmother and three other families show up. Just after the kids opened their presents I was sitting there talking and turned my head to check on kids and…Alex was there with his girls!!!! He had mentioned that they might stop by.

Then, Alex invited us to watch an outdoor movie at the park with them last night. All the kids had a blast running around together before the movie. It was nice to all be together. Apparently the girls asked if we were going to go to the one next month too. We didn’t get home until after 1130 last night.

Today, my baby boy turned 8. We all slept in and had a lazy day. Then, Alex’s oldest called and invited us to come out and swim with them. Then Alex asked if we wanted to stay for dinner. We all played in the pool for an hour and a half and then had dinner. When we were leaving, not only did his oldest give me a hug, but she pushed through my mob of children to do it.

The only thing now, I think that it makes us both feel so much more alone when we are at our separate apartments tonight.




#1 and I had a good time this evening after everyone went to bed. We had some one-on-one time and it was mostly giggles and girl talk. She is growing up so fast.