Why does he have to make things so dang difficult? Our temporary orders do not separate out holidays or birthdays. Therefore, KD does not have to let me see #4 tomorrow on her 3rd birthday and I do not have to let him see #3 next Sunday for his 8th birthday. I proposed that I pick the children up for 3 hours tomorrow for #4’s birthday and that I give them to him 12 hours early for #3’s birthday. I have been trying to figure this out for over a month now. KD just responded that I can pick them up on Sunday evening at 7 and then I can give them to him at 7 on the following Sunday. This gives him time on #4’s birthday, but does not give me time on #3’s birthday. l told him and explained my reason. Now, I wait. It should not be this difficult. We should be able to work these things out simply. I am trying to work with him, but he keeps being so difficult and it frustrates me so much.


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