Love and trust

Another great day with my kids. We went to the county aquatic center and the lake. Met friends at both places. Hopefully, I got them enough outside time to last them if KD doesn’t take them out much this week. Did not even really have too many problems with #2, it was nice.

Alex is “gone” again. I don’t understand. At the beginning of last week he looked at me and asked if I stopped telling him I love him because I get mad when he doesn’t say it back. I told him that I don’t get mad, it just hurts. You can only tell someone you love them so many times without a response before you stop saying it because it hurts too much. Then, he started telling me again. I thought everything was fine. Now, I tell him and I get a smiley face text back, or worse, no response at all. Tonight, I texted him 20120708-230017.jpg
and he responded 20120708-230045.jpg

How do we go from20120708-230131.jpg
to this so fast??? I just don’t understand and it makes me wonder.

Last night and today have been really hard for me. In our text conversation this morning, I finally asked a question that’s come to my mind a time or two. Here are a few pieces of the conversation….20120708-231500.jpg

His response, you ask…. “?”

So, I did what I do, I sent him this


and then took a shower to get ready because

Besides, #1 tells me I cry too much and at least in the shower, no one knows.


Tomorrow starts another week for Alex and I to spend time together. We are supposed to go to dinner with some of his friends from work. I might even finally get on his motorcycle.

Alex, when you read this, please remember that you have told me all about your past and I am still here. You know all about mine too. I have been more honest with you than I have with pretty much anyone else in my life, except maybe BFF. Please don’t make me regret it. I love you and I am willing to try if you are. Obviously I think you are worth it, or I wouldn’t still be here.



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