From EX to BF

I get so frustrated when the kids complain to me about KD. In our state, nothing a child says is admissible, unless they tell a professional. The kids are still in the mindset that they don’t want to talk to their counselor because “it’s none of her business.” What am I supposed to do? These kids come to me with complaints that are very likely legitimate, but I cannot do a single thing about them. I tell them that they need to talk to their counselor about it.

We had such a great day today! I took the kids to the lake and we spent most of the day out there. Then we came home and had my BFF, her kids, and another one of our friends, CE (a guy that we have been friends with for about 9 years) for dinner. It was nice to have the reminiscing conversations with BFF and CE. KD did not like either of them so it has been quite awhile since the three of us have had time to gossip. Alex had a little problem with it, but I don’t understand it. We have talked about CE before, but have not had the chance for them to meet. I guess we should make sure that happens soon.


I do not want Alex to doubt me. I know he has trust issues because of his ex, but I remind him that I am no more her than he is KD. We both have baggage and will come to this occasionally, but it doesn’t get any easier.

Alex’s girls were with their grandma on Thursday and last night so he came up here. #4 was so excited to see him, but I’m not sure who was more excited…Alex or #4. 🙂 Last night when I was tucking the kids in, they asked if he was going to spend the night. I told them probably not (he hasn’t wanted to make things more difficult for me with KD). They asked why not. I avoided the question. When Alex got here, he went up and told them good night. I told him about what the kids had asked. He ended up staying the night. We had breakfast this morning. It was nice.


Was texting one of his friends today and she invited us out with her and her husband next Saturday. His friends are nice, they all seem to really care about him. It looks like I will be meeting his mom next weekend. I volunteered to take his younger sister out for the day, forgetting that his mom would be there. Alex will be in class so he won’t even be there when I meet her. He doesn’t think she will like me. That’s okay, she wouldn’t be the first.

I cannot wait until Monday night!! We get to go out to dinner. Then I have a fairly light work schedule for the week.

#4 will be 3 a week from today and it is KD’s day. I have #1 on her birthday and #3 on his the following week. He will see #1 on her birthday since it is a week day. However, #3’s birthday is on a Sunday so he would not see him. I have tried to offer a switch on both birthdays for a couple hours so that neither of us miss out. However, still no word….unfortunately, I am not surprised.


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