News from my life

I love that Alex can give me goosebumps from clear across town. Who am I kidding? I love that he gives me goosebumps. Just today I got this…


Sometimes I wonder where we are, but then he reminds me that we are together. Right now, that is all that matters. Sometimes both wonder if we will ever get past where we are. I try to remember that our relationship is still very young. I am happy and I am in love. I love the fact that Alex reads these posts and can bring things out of them that I don’t even remember I’ve written.


In other life news, KD is being a jerk about everything. I cannot even get him to discuss the kids’ birthdays, three of which are in the next 20 days. There have been times that I have missed certain things about him, but then…


I just do not understand how I can have been married to this man for ten and a half years and am starting to feel like I never knew him.

Tonight, the kids found the movie Fireproof on television and wanted to finish it. I want to love and be loved like that.

The kids told me if I ever get married again, I have to use salt and pepper shakers as the topper.

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