What do I want from a relationship?

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“What do you want in a relationship??”

I want someone I can count on. Someone who knows me well enough to call my bluff when I say “I’m fine,” I want to know that when I need a shoulder to cry on, you’ll be there; when I need an ear, you’ll be there; when I know I look horrible, you still think I’m beautiful. I want trust, honesty, faith, love, and friendship. I want you to be my best friend and I want to be yours. I want someone who is strong enough to know its okay to cry; someone who will talk to me, no matter what; someone who will stand by me no matter what. I want someone who will love my kids as if they are his own and someone my children can and will look up to and respect. I want to get married again someday. Don’t ever stop dating me. I love everyday love, but I want a little romance too. I want someone who has goals and aspirations and knows what he wants from life. You are right, I am picky. I learned my lesson. You have to be picky to be happy.


I know this all sounds picky, but I’ve learned that I deserve to be picky. The next time I get married, I will be happy. The one thing that I did not put in here, but want is…someone who loves me and wants to be with me enough to fight for me. I want him to have friends so I am not his sole source of friendship.




3 thoughts on “What do I want from a relationship?

  1. Why in the world do you feel the need to be in a relationship? Just from a quick scan of your life over the last few months it’s obvious your life is a mess. I hope you get it together and figure out that the last thing you need is a guy who is taking advantage of your very vulnerable emotional state.

    • I don’t feel the new to be in a relationship. The one I’m in happened without planning. If you’ve really been reading, you know Alex and I are both in a very vulnerable emotional state. This post is more along the lines of what I want long-term. These are some of the things that I have learned that I want, need, and deserve from any romantic relationship I end up in.

  2. I guess my only question is why would you date a man who is in a vulnerable emotional state? Then again I know the answer. I assure you I am not picking on you, my heart goes out to you.

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