My new home

Tonight is my first night in my first very own apartment. My BFF’s husband set up the bunk bed for #1 and #4. Mom is bringing a bunk for #2 and #3. I have a queen size box spring and frame. BFF brought me a queen air mattress, but I have no sheets. So until I have the chance to go through the boxes of sheets and wash a set of queen sheets, it is the couch for me. For a free couch, this thing is actually comfortable.

I have the girls’ room almost finished. I almost have the kitchen finished. I just need to finish washing dishes and putting them away. I did find out that the kitchen sink is leaking underneath so I have to put in a work order first thing tomorrow morning. I have a towel under there right now.

I cannot wait for the kids to see the apartment. I want to have it as set up as possible when they come over tomorrow so that it feels a like home to them.

I am alone tonight. Alex has the girls and I could not get ahold of anyone else to stay with me tonight. I won’t be going to work tomorrow because I have had diarrhea and puking since about 8:00 tonight. And now, I still have not slept. My alarm goes off in 2.5 hours so I can get ready for work. Somehow, I don’t think that is enough time.

Tomorrow when Mom comes over she is making me tacos. Anyone who has had my mom’s tacos loves them. So I am excited. The kids will be here. Apparently my grandma, BFF and BFF’s kids will all also be here for dinner. At least I will have time to finish the apartment before then.

After I take the kids home tomorrow, Alex will be staying here for the night. Maybe I’ll actually be able to get some sleep tomorrow night. Hopefully.

Well, I better get back to getting stuff done around here so I feel like I can relax.


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