Its official now

Well, the papers have been filed for almost two weeks now. We both have attorneys. KD (aka Hubby) has had the kids primarily for the last two weeks. He seems to think that he is going to get full custody, child support, and alimony. I have been staying with Alex when he does not have the girls, stayed with my grandma a couple nights, MK (best friend), and a couple other friends the rest of the time.

I will not let him have full custody. I miss the kids and having a home. KD won’t even let me in the house. He did finally give me some of my stuff though. I don’t want the house, I just want a home of my own.

I feel like I am handling everything very well and the kids also seem to be handling it well. I miss them.

I will post more soon, but wanted to give you a quick update.