It never ends

I interviewed for an apartment yesterday. I’ll find out in 3-5 days. Then I just have to get the money together to move in. If I get it, I move May 1!

I am so nervous, but excited. I am worried about my kids. Hubby can’t even talk nice to me. What is he going to say when I am not around? Last night he said I was “sleeping around,” in front of them. This is getting ugly fast.

Alex suggested I call the attorney. I can’t afford to hire her though. I did send her an email. I am hoping that maybe she will have a suggestion for me. I thought about letting her read my blog so that she knows what I’m dealing with.

Hubby keeps threatening that he will change the locks, slash the tires, or have the van repossessed if I put the tires from Alex on, but he won’t take care of it.

I applied for a promotion at work this week. Hopefully it will work out.

Kids are finishing week one of a two week spring break.

One thought on “It never ends

  1. well i would leave the tires until you move out and then change them because if its a fight now than who cares after you move out and I would also get his name off the van after you two separate that way if he does than he cant do anything about it. but also if he slashes the tires thats vandilism and he could go to jail for that couldn’t he?

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