I feel so trapped in this house and in this marriage. It does not matter what I do, it causes a fight. Even knowing that I am done does not help me because I have no idea when I will ever get out. My last check was less than $400. My next check will be better because I should not have as much time gone.

I told my grandmother about Alex yesterday. She took it very well and just told me not to rush it. HA, a little late for that. I told her that our number one priority is the six kids involved. She asked me a large number of questions. Her number one question was about his faith. That is always my grandma’s first question about people. I love her so much.

Hubby just keeps bringing Alex up around the kids. I really wish that he would quit. He thinks that the kids have the right to know. I think they are not old enough. I also think that it will either ruin his relationship with them, my relationship with them, or both.

Every day, Alex reminds me why I have fallen for him. He cares and he listens. I know I can talk to him about anything that is bothering me and he will listen. I love listening to him talk, which is weird for me because I always need to be talking.

Well, #1 and #2 are playing Scrabble and need some help.