A warmer day

Sitting at the park enjoying the warmer weather and my children. #2 is bored because #1 and #3 are playing with some of the littler kids. He wants to play, but not with little kids.

Took the day off to get some sleep at Alex’s while he was at work. I have just been feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted lately. It was nice to just relax.

Had a rough evening with #2 last night. He started fighting over doing his homework and I just could not calm him down. He ended up biting me. Hubby blames it all in me and the fact that I have made our house more tense. He acts like we have never had problems with #2 before. I am the one who has wanted to get #2 help sooner, but Hubby always came up with the reasons why we should not. At least he is seeing a counselor now. Better a little late than never.

Alex reminded me that I have nothing to worry about because I am the only one. I knew that. I know that Hubby was just trying to make me doubt my decisions. What Hubby doesn’t realize is that whether or not there was an Alex, I would still be done.

Told my paternal grandparents about Alex on Tuesday. They will find out eventually, especially as vindictive as Hubby is getting. I still need to tell my maternal grandma. My mom thinks she will be okay with it because Alex makes me happy.

Well, Hubby should be almost done with his doctor appointment so we can go to Costco. I am going to finish enjoying my kids here at the park.

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