Still afraid

Went to bed with a migraine last night. It woke me up way too many times last night and I still have it this morning. One of the times I woke up last night, Hubby was crying. I guess that means he has finally realized I have been serious this whole time. I know he’s hurt and I am sorry for that. I never expected things to go this far this fast with Alex. The only thing I regret is our timing because of how much more difficult it makes things for us.

I talked to my mom some more last night. She told me that all she wants is for me to be happy. She will do what she can to help me with getting a place and the attorney. Now I just need to get that far.

I am afraid that Alex will get tired of waiting for me or decide that I’m not worth waiting for. I can’t say that I would blame him.

I am afraid that I will lose my kids. Not just custody, but I am afraid Hubby will turn them against me.

Well, I better go. Just got a guilt trip because I’m not sleeping and not upstairs with Hubby and the kids.

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