My Night in Jail

If I thought things were royally screwed up before, I was wrong. They are even more royally screwed up now. Two  weeks ago, Hubby and I were fighting and I was going to leave. #1, #2, and #3 were at school and #4 was sleeping. I was just going to leave by myself. Then, I changed my mind and got #4 out of bed to take her with me. Hubby ripped her out of my arms and while I was trying to get her back, I accidentally scratched him. I called the police because he took her from me and I was scared, but because he was the one with a scratch I went to jail.

I only spent one night and the state refused to press charges, but I now have an arrest record. Alex knew what was going on because I was in constant contact with him the whole time. Well, until I was actually arrested. Jail was not as bad as I expected at all. I could not really call anyone because I do not know anyone’s landline number by heart and my phone was dead so I could not get any numbers out of it. The bed was hard. I slept most of the time and Hubby was the one that picked me up. He did not tell anyone what happened. My parents, my grandma, Alex, and my best girl friend all know.

I am still here, but only out of fear of losing my kids. CPS stopped by a couple days later because #4 was present. I meet with the actual social worker next week and I will know more then. I did change my antidepressant from the Wellbutrin to Celexa. One of the possible side effects of the Wellbutrin is increased agitation and hostility.

There is a great deal more to update you on, but I wonted you to know that I have not dropped off the face of the planet. Thank you for following my story.

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