Time to look inside

Going to see a counselor today. Going try two different marriage counselors this week. Hubby knows I’m not happy. We have been fighting since Friday. He told me that if I divorce him, he will make sure he gets 50% and if one has to be guardian it will be him. If he has to, he will drag all of our friends and family into court to tell how much I have worked. What I didn’t tell him was that I’ll pull the CPS case. The court will be pulling a background check and see his 4th degree assault. He wants to play dirty, I’ll play dirty.

I am now on a leave of absence from work for 60 days to try to get my world straightened out and be here to take care of my kids because Hubby is not. I am trying to see it as an opportunity to work on potty training #4.

My doctor did put me on Wellbutrin for my depression. I’ll keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Time to look inside

  1. That’s wonderful that you can take a leave of absence! I’m glad you will have some time to focus on you and “try to get my world straightened out”. Love that idea!

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