Another day in paradise…

I wrote you an entire post during work today. Too bad I cannot actually use it since I cannot email outside of the building AND I cannot bring anything on or off the floor.

The biggest part of the post was that the not knowing is killing me. One minute, Hubby acts like everything is fine and the next, he is getting mad at me for something. I just wish he would stay mad at me or not, but not both.

Like this morning, I got up and there was a note telling me how much he loves me and appreciates all I do for our family. Just a couple days ago, it was how horrible I was because I did not do enough.

Alex asked me the other day if I could go it alone with the kids. I could in every way except financially. I would have to make some other changes, but we would be able to make it. We have done it before and we were fine.

It started again today. This time Hubby was complaining about the fact that I had requested today off, but never received a response because of how late I requested it. Like I have control over what they do?? I did get off early, but I did not want to go home. When I did get home, Hubby had a friend over. So, I found an excuse to leave. I had no desire to sit alone in my living room when he was the one who wanted me to come home early.

I cannot tell you enough times how nice it has been to have Alex to talk to. More importantly, he listens. He reminds me that I need time for me.


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