It has only been 24 hours???

Sometimes I wonder why I am still married. Yesterday, I sat on the phone being yelled at for 30 minutes by husband. One of the conversations ended with him saying he was packing his stuff and going to his mom’s. I told him if he left, he better print off the divorce papers also. This took my entire lunch plus an extra half hour. I was at work, too many people saw me upset. Everyone wanted to know if I was okay. All I could say was, “I don’t know.” Because I don’t know.

It was not much better when I got home. It continued most of the evening and started again today. Why do I put up with it? I don’t have any idea to be honest.

Tonight, we get to pretend to be happy for a school fundraiser. I am only looking forward to it because it is a couple hours that he cannot yell at me and we cannot fight.

Through my most recent class, I have met another friend that I can talk to. We will call him Alex. Him and I both seem to understand each other. Both of us seem to be at an impasse in our marriages. It was nice to talk to someone who listened to me and understood.


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