Blind to the obvious

Why is it that some people are completely blind to what is going on around them?? Ten years ago, my Mother’s husband was doing drugs and she did not see it. She divorced him eight years ago because she finally realized it. About two years ago, she decided to work things out with him because he had cleaned up. Unfortunately, she could not forgive him for the past and they split again. He started seeing someone else.

My mother finally forgave him. They were going to work things out. Everyone told her that he was still seeing this other woman, but she did not want to believe it. This morning, I got a call from my mother saying that this other woman was pregnant. Her ex-husband has all of a sudden decided that he wants a paternity test on my eight year old little brother. Really??

Then she tells me that he took her truck, drove it 60 miles away and told her to come get it. I do not trust him. He is up to no good!! I told her to call it in stolen, but she will not do it. I just do not understand.

I want to have words with her ex-husband, but I know it will not do any good. Mostly, I just want to protect my brothers (12 & 8).

Why are some people so blind to the obvious?



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