Add Another Sick Kid in the Mix


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What a productive weekend!! With Hubby sleeping all weekend, I was able to get caught up enough on laundry that I even had enough time to wash all the sheets on all five beds, finished my paper that is not due until Wednesday night, finished my part of a group speech that is due on Saturday, did dishes three times, helped the kids sort through their shirts, baked a batch of cookies, and helped #1 finally finish her room (I vacuumed and moved furniture).

Last night, #3 slept in our room. He was wheezing and coughing all night long. Since he spent two days in the hospital for breathing problems when he was two, I am extra careful about his breathing. I stayed home from work and took him to the doctor (because Hubby would not have taken him). Ended up that they sent home a new nebulizer (4x a day for 4 days) and Benadryl (3x a day for 6 days). They said that with his history, much longer and he would have been in the hospital.

I am glad that I took #3 in, but I really am tired of having to do everything myself. I wish they would figure out what can be done about Hubby’s back because I am going to lose my job if I have to keep missing work. He went to physical therapy almost a week ago and I think that is what put him down for the count for the weekend.

I decided (again) to stop texting CC unless he texts me first. I need to leave the guy alone. He has a life and I need to let him live it. I enjoy is friendship and I enjoy talking to him, but I am afraid that there cannot ever be anything more between us. That means that I need to just be here if he needs a friend because that is what friends are for.

Wish me luck with everything!


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  1. I love productive weekends.. they’re so few and far between for me! lol I read some of your previous posts.. looking forward to reading future posts. =)

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