A Quiet Saturday…

I was going to start this post with WOW, but I recently realized that a large number of my posts begin with that word. I apologize if that word has gotten old for you, but sometimes that is the nicest thing I have to say.

SO, Hubby did finally get out of bed yesterday (at 3:30 PM), but only to move to his recliner and then to the couch. I made the dinner he has been wanting and he didn’t even get up to enjoy it! He threw a conniption fit when I tried to turn on the light because he had a headache…WAAAAAAA! When he did finally get up, he started complaining that it was too hot in the house because I had not opened a door or turned on the fan while I was cooking. He also complained that I made the dinner because I knew he did not feel good and I should have known better. Seriously?

Compact Disc

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So, I decided to recopy all the CDs that I lost when we had to buy the new computer. I  also tried to write a couple of papers so that I did not have to write them at the last minute. However, it is really hard to write a paper on a book when I cannot see the book because it is too dark. So, I finished one of them, but the other one got put off.

Painted #1’s nails, watched a little TV (mostly alone), did some more laundry, and enjoyed every minute of my quiet (while learning that I love Scarymommy.com). The kids and I fought a little, but overall it was a nice day. It scares me that it was so enjoyable to have him not participate in our lives for the day…


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