Sometimes Every Day Feels Like a Monday…

I cannot believe how long the rotovirus aka stomach flu) lasts! #4 has had diarrhea for 12 days now. She has been to the doctor, who informed me (twice) that as long as she is staying hydrated, she is fine for now. Lovely. I missed 5 1/2 days of work because of this.

I know what you are thinking. “Isn’t her husband off work? Why wasn’t he home with their child?” My answer to that is this: because lifting a 26 lb toddler in and out of the bathtub is not okay for someone with a 20 lb weight restriction.

I am finally back at work this week. Although, it is causing problems on the home front because the three older children have early release this week. Apparently that is just too much for him to handle. I even took Friday off because the kids are off that day. Whatever!!

We had all three conferences this afternoon. No babysitter. I expected (mistakenly) that my three older children could sit in the hallway and work on homework or read. I was so wrong. I think between us, my husband and I spent more time dealing with the children than we did in the conference. When we got home, I was trying to get a phone call in before five o’clock and they were screaming. I ended up late for class because my children needed a lecture.

I had no problem telling them that I have very high expectations for them and that I was disappointed in their behavior. They are all old enough to know better. Think it stuck??

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