Unless your title is Coach, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!

Volleyball 4-2 formation

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Being a parent at a sporting event is hard enough. Then you add the parents that think they need to coach from the bleachers.

Forget the fact that the school Athletic Director already asked that parents leave the coaching to the coaches.

Forget the fact that they are only in the 5th grade.

I have done a very good job sitting on the opposite side of the gym from these parents so far. Unfortunately, they sat right behind me. I had to listen to this the whole volleyball game. Really?

Things like parents chanting “Underhand, underhand,” “You shouldn’t have let her eat those french fries, they are slowing her down,” “I pay her per point she gets for our team and she pays me for every point she gives the other team,” “You should not pay her for her overhand serves. Pay for the underhand serves.” Seriously? They are only fifth grades!

If you want to coach your daughter outside of their practices and games, that is your perogative. However, at the games, just cheer. As far as my child is concerned, let the coach do the coaching. Please.

#1 came home one week telling me that Coach told her to do it one way and this particular parent told her to do it another way. I told her to listen to Coach. Better yet, tell Coach that the parent told her to do it this way and ask what the Coach wants her to do.

It is no wonder that these girls have a complex when they get to high school. Your child does not have to win every single game in order to be a good player. In fact, everyone needs to lose once in a while, just so they know how to be good losers.

I will never care about a sport that much. My child will never have that much invested in sports. Sports are great. They make well rounded children, but don’t put everything into sports.

You would think that parents would be more gracious at a Christian school, but they seem to be less gracious.

As a parent, I try to emphasize the “good try”; “great effort”; “way to go.” I am more the cheerleader parent than the coach parent.

What type of sports parent are you? What have your experiences been with the parents that think they could do it better than the coach?