Guess Who Got Up on the WRONG Side of Bed?

And chair, and couch…

I felt like I was doing very good this morning. I got up, leaving my hubby to sleep, and made hashbrowns, eggs, and bacon for brunch. When that was almost done, I woke him up. He came upstairs and fell back asleep in his recliner.

The kids and I ate. I laid the two little ones down for a nap, sent #1 to go work on the bottomless pit she calls a room, and had #2 help me with the kitchen. Tried to wake up hubby to ask if he wanted to go to the store with us. He wouldn’t wake up so I wrote him a note and left with the two big kids.

The whole reason we left was to find trees for #2’s insect project, due this week. We never did find trees. When we came home, MIL called to say she was on her way to get the two little ones. Hubby wanted me to meet her to give her the kids. I decided to just take them over there. Apparently that was not what he wanted.

Wow! For a man who slept most of the day, he sure was grumpy. According to him, I should not have gone to the store. Should not have driven all the way to his mom’s house. Should not have dome something else, but I don’t remember quit listening.

Laundry is almost caught up.
#1 should be done with homework and her room is about 1/3 clean.
#2 is about 1/3 of the way done with said insect project.
The family room/#4’s bedroom is about 1/2 organized.

Over all, not bad. I only have 4 properties tomorrow. And church. I almost hope he decides to stay home, I feel like I get more out of class that way.


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