Educational Independence or Homework Nazi??

Having a hard time finding a balance between forcing independence and forcing learning. I really want my children to be able to be responsible for their own homework, but I also have seen some very sad grades so far.

#1 is struggling for the first time ever. I am hoping that she will begin to realize that it takes a little more than she is used to for her to continue to be a star student. Better to learn that now than in college.

#2 is doing a little better than he was last year. I just need to help him with studying techniques. I think it is time to pull out the flash cards. Memorization is just not his thing.

It would be nice if my husband did not have the mindset that his job is done when I get home from work. I just need to come up with a plan and a schedule. Maybe a very short play time after school and a snack…

I am frustrated because I do not want the funding to end because their grades are not the best. I will work my rear off in order to make sure the funding is not cut.

All the while, I have my own schooling to worry about. I feel like I never have time to do it and when I do have time, I do not really want to do it. Like right now. I just could not concentrate on it.

I did get my grade for that last class, I pulled out a C.

How do you push educational independence and make sure your children are still doing what needs to be done?