Hope This Isn’t a sign

What a morning and it is not even 6:15 yet.

Last night, Hubby reminded me that he had a doctor appointment at 10 this morning. So, I scheduled a babysitter and went online to look at bus schedules. I did not want to take any chances that he would get a ticket in the van. I figured out what buses and what times. I would be a little ate for work, but it would be okay.

I got up this morning and showered, curled my hair and got out the door in plenty of time to catch the bus. I walked around the corner and the bus stop is not there anymore. So, I thought “Okay, I’ll just walk down a couple of blocks to the other stop.” I got to the other stop and it was for a different bus. Seriously?

I turned around and backtracked. I was thinking that if I just walked sown the main road, I would find a stop. Did I mention that indent wear heels often and I decided to today? I took my heels off and was walking in my nylons because i knew I would walk faster. I did eventually find the bus. Apparently it doesn’t travel down the main road in that area. Then, as I was paying for the bus ride, I spilled my coffee and lost a quarter. The time I spent curling my hair was a waste because it came out in my walk and I have at least one hole in the bottom of my nylons.

I am now almost to my stop where I will have to walk a little ways again. I am so excited. What you cannot read that in my typing?

2 thoughts on “Hope This Isn’t a sign

  1. I’m sorry, that just sounds like a craptastic day. I hate days like that, especially when you worked so hard to have everything organized and go according to plan. Hope its getting better!

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