Trying to enjoy the moment…

Today was a good day! Let me tell you why…

  1. I got in a full day of work
  2. I started my second to last class
  3. My children were fairly well behaved
  4. I was not tired when I got up
  5. My modification paperwork has finally been submitted to the underwriter.

So now, a little more in depth.

After having the last six days off, it was nice to be in the community of work again.I really enjoy my co-workers. They are a caring group of people who were truly concerned by the fact that I had not been there.

So, even though I am still leery about this group dynamics class, I am excited to say that it is one of my last 7 credits. In 12 weeks, I will be done with my BLS in Social Services (assuming I pass everything, including the last class). So far, this group dynamics class does not seem like it will be too bad.

Wow! #1 was a little upset about an extra credit project that did not work out, but otherwise homework time went well. #1 & #2 alternated asking questions. I was shocked. I think it is because they want Mommy to help them sell the candy bars they brought home today. That would be one of the not so great things about being in a private school, fundraisers are mandatory. Although we only have to sell once a year.

Despite the fact that I have nto changed my sleep routine any, I was actually ready to get up and function this morning. Enough that I think I am going to set the alarm for earlier and actually curl my hair tomorrow. OOOOOhh!

After much effort on my part, I was informed that my modification paperwork has been submitted to the underwriter and we will have an answer in 10-15 business days. I do not think I realized how horribly long that can sound to a customer until now. I think I will be using empathy with my customers as far as those outrageous timelines go.

So, like I said, over all, this was a good day. I am glad to say that finally! However, I am waiting for the shoe to drop. Experience says that this will not last forever.


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