What a Freaking Day!

If my mortgage company screws up one more time, I am going to get an attorney. I tried to call my assistance specialist three times since yesterday afternoon because I need to re-fax some documents to him. Guess what? He still has not called me back. I called tonight and got the run around, again. I did speak to someone that gave me a fax number. I will be calling first thing tomorrow morning to speak with Mr. assistance specialist.

I went to work today. However, I ended up coming home because Hubby couldn’t get out of bed to take the kids to school or take care of #4 all day. When I explained this to my boss I explained that yesterday’s PCE was a six hour appointment of someone telling him to do all the things his doctor has spent the last two months telling him not to do. Luckily, my employer has a very lenient attendance policy.

It was nice because after I took the kids to school, I sat in the recliner and watched a little TV with #4. Then, we both laid down for a nap. I slept for about an hour and then watched a little TV in peace and quiet.

Hubby slept until like 1:30 and then as soon as he got up, he was complaining. Seriously???

As much as I am dreading this Group Dynamics class, I am looking forward to going to school and work tomorrow. I love my children and my husband, but I do not want to be a SAHM. I could not handle it.

My mom was in town today to take my brothers to the dentist. I told her that #1 had a volleyball game. Do you think she could have shown up to the game? No, apparently she is too good for that. Seriously???

I guess if I am going to properly function tomorrow, I need to head to bed. Oh, but first I need to do laundry. Good night Dear Readers!

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