Saturday Mornings are great!

I am now on Twitter. @mominreality

The kids all seem to be feeling better. Glad it was short lived.

This morning, all three big kids worked on cleaning their rooms while I made breakfast. #2 watched a little TBN with #4. Now, hubby is sleeping. #4 is laying down. #1-3 are working on homework. I did dishes for hubby. Need to do laundry, but don’t want to bother #4 or hubby.

I would like to find a cheap dresser for #3 because his is ruined. Unfortunately, I can’t get hubby out of bed so we can go garage sale for one. I guess that means I can work on some homework.

I am taking two classes this next round. A reading course and a group class. I already read one of the six books for the reading class. That book was Undercurrents by Martha Manning. It was about depression and the use of ECT. The next one is Finding Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. No, I will not try to pronounce that. This one is supposed to be about “The psychology of engagement with everyday life.”