One Right After the Other


Image by Plucker via Flickr

Couldn’t fall asleep until 11 last night. Then, #4 woke up at 12 having puked all over the crib. Gave her a bath and cleaned up the bed. Got her back to bed and about ten minutes later, she was up to puke again. Luckily I got her to the toilet this time. By the time I got back to sleep, it was about 2. I decided that there was no way I could function on only 2.5 hours of sleep. So I called in sick kid. I got up took the kids to school and then went back to bed. We slept until about 1130. It was nice.

Just before the older kids went to bed tonight, #3 felt warm… 99.7. I decided to check #1 & #2 just because. #1 was at 99 even, and #2 wasn’t running a  fever at all. I think it will be a long weekend.

I feel guilty that by the time I go to work I will have had five days off in a row. I am hoping that my schedule is officially changed because I don’t plan on going in tomorrow. I have Monday requested off because my husband has a physical capacity examination (PCE) and #3 has a follow-up with the cardiologist.

I feel like I am just going in circles with these kids. I have to get #2 back into the orthodontist because the insurance wants new pictures before we appeal their denial for his braces. The cardiologist is making me feel paranoid about the heart stuff. They are telling me that his fast heart rate is normal. When the did his echo, his heart was beating at about 95-100 bpm, laying still on a bed. I recorded it as high as 145 during the last Harry Potter movie. It freaks me out. #1 is having ankle problems. She refused to do PE or volleyball until she got the ankle braces. I went through the hoops to get the braces and she won’t wear them for volleyball because she can’t move very well.

#1 is starting to struggle with school. I don’t know if it is because of the changes with me working, the low number of assignments, or something else. I think that part of it is the fact that she is used to having it easy at school and she is finally being challenged. I think it will be good for her.

What would you like to hear more about from me??

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