What More Do You Want From Me?

It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, it is never enough for anyone.
This spring, my husband didn’t want me to go hand out flyers for our business until he went to work, but I think it is unprofessional to hand them out with #4 with me. Now, he is mad because I never handed out enough.
Our computer died (that was my fault too) and I have to recreate all of our invoices from scratch. I am 2 weeks late billing our big client because of it. Again, my fault.
We needed more income, so I got a job. Now, I don’t spend enough time with him. I don’t make enough money.
I ask the kids to bring me all their dirty clothes, this isn’t anything new. Now, I can’t find #3s uniform shirt for school. Apparently that is my fault because I don’t do enough laundry.
I am so physically and mentally exhausted. I just want to cry. I am trying so hard, but it’s never enough.

I am worried about my class. The instructor hates me. I answer the assignment questions concisely and she tells me I need to be more in depth. So now, my grade hangs on 3 assignments. I better pass this class. I can’t afford to fail.