Family by the numbers

As much as I love family, that was too much for one weekend. This was the weekend numbers:

2: Brothers-in-law
2: Brother
1: Sister-in-law
1: Soon-to-be sister-in-law
2: Grandmothers-in-law
1: Fiancé of Grandmother-in-law
3: Aunts-in-law
1: Aunt
2: Uncles-in-law
1: Uncle
6: Cousins (combined total)
1: Mother
1: Mother-in-law
1: Step-father
1: Father-in-law
1: Niece
1: Nephew
4: Children
1: Husband
1: Niece Cat
4: Days spent at my MILs

Over all, the weekend was nice. The soon-to-be SIL is very nice. Saw family that hasn’t been seen in over a year. Spent the night in a hotel. Swam in the pool. Looked at rental houses. Came to terms (at least partially) with the situation. Looked for bunk beds for the boys. Talked, I mean really talked, to my husband.

Our current situation is a set back, but we will be okay. As long as we are safe and together, we will make it through this. We have been through worse, and we are alive and together to tell about it.