College Spring Break means books for fun

One thing that I enjoy about not having a current class is the ability to read for enjoyment. I went to the library (alone) yesterday afternoon and finished my first book this afternoon.

I read Look Again by Lisa Scottoline. I cried. Made me think about what I would do. How it would feel to lose a child. I have come close, but I hope never to fully lose a child, or even come close again.

Ellen is a Features reporter. One day when she checks her mail she finds one of those “Have You Seen Me?” cards. One of the faces catches her eye because it looks a lot like her adopted son Will. Due to her journalism background, her attention is piqued.
At the same time, she is working on two pieces for work. One is the human side of murder. She talks to a mother who lost her 8 year old son to a drive by shooting. The other is follow up piece about a mother whose ex-husband abducted their children.

The story takes you through all of the emotions and risks that Ellen takes to do what is right by her son.

Like any mother, I cannot imagine being on either side of this story. I hope none of you have ever or will ever have to experience the loss of a child. For that matter, I hope you never even come close. Go, hug your children (especially the difficult ones), be sure that they know you love them unconditionally.