My step brother called last week to tell me that his wife is pregnant. This should be a joyous thing. All I managed to say was, “Sounds like your wife needs better birth control.” Now, before you get offended, there are some things you should know about my brother (24 yrs old).

First, he signed his rights to his oldest child (almost 7) away in an open CPS adoption after he and the mother decided that drugs were more important. The child was only about 18 months at the time. He has not stayed in touch.

Second, he is on SSI (he can work, I have seen it) and his wife doesn’t work. They have two kids (2 and 7 months).

Third, he found out about a year ago that he is also the father of his ex-girlfriend’s child. He refused to sign his rights away to this one, but has never met him.

He owes one state about $20-25,000 in child support, but will never have to pay it unless his wife gets a job and they file taxes. Who knows how mug he owes the other state.

Yes I am upset by this, but seriously? Did I mention that my brother and his wife live in the same city as my dad and step mom because they never cut the umbilical cord? My dad makes a large salary, but it is wasted on helping my brother and his family. When I have an emergency, they “can’t afford it.” I have not seen my dad in over two years. They have not even met #4.

I think people who are on welfare or SSI should be required to have effective birth control. I also think that it is crappy that people like this are sucking up the social security I have earned so it won’t be there when I need it. They give it to them and then increase it with every child they have.

Well, there was my rant for the day.