Fear. That is the word of the day. Today, #1 & #2 were fighting over Powerade flavors. I told them I would deal with it, but I needed to get in the shower or we were never getting out of the house. As I was getting my bra on, I had #3 screaming that #2 was in the street. We live on a busy street, do this is a big deal. I wrapped a towel around me and stood at the front door screaming at him to come in. “Everyone hates me!” screamed #2.
We had a major blow out in the house and he told me that no one wants to play with him at school. Maybe this is the real problem. I don’t know. I talked to the school about his recess problems, maybe we can figure something out.
I am afraid to take him in because I don’t want him to be labeled. I am afraid that it will some how be my fault and CPS will intervene again. I can’t go through that again. I am afraid that he will have one of his episodes and CPS will take them all. #1 told me she is afraid of his reaction when she tells him no to something. I know it is time to do something, but what?
My mind keeps going back to my abnormal psychology class and our discussion on bipolar children. Is my son bipolar? If he isn’t, do I really want to subject him to all that? If he isn’t, what am I doing wrong with him? I just don’t know what to do anymore.

What would you do?