Not sure what to do

I already mentioned that #2 is a difficult child. I also mentioned that he had a head injury. What I dint mention was what the head injury entailed.
My husband was home alone with our two children. The children were supposed to be napping. Hubby heard a crash and a scream. He found a folded up playpen on #2. He called the nurse who said to watch him (like they always do). The next day, he looked bad so we took him in. Long story short, my children were taken away from me and my husband was charged with a felony.
Obviously, we got our children back and everything turned out with Hubby (knew it would, he couldn’t hurt a fly!) The problem is that we are now paranoid about anything happening.
We are at our wits end with #2, but afraid that talking to his doctor will result in a state referral. At the same time, afraid that no action will backfire.
Friday evening, #2 was throwing enough of a fit that I pulled the car over (just me and all 4 kids). He got out and was screaming. I am surprised no one called the cops just off of his screams. Luckily the street wasn’t too busy because he tried to go in the middle so he could get run over. I finally got him to calm down and get in the car. However, the fear is still there. When will it happen again? When will he finally over power me? What do I do?
I pray that God gives me the direction to figure out what #2 needs, without causing more problems for our family.

Any suggestions?


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