What’s next?!?

Did I mention that the reason I started my business was because my husband and I both got laid off 2.5 years ago? At the same time. This was just before I became pregnant with #4.

After looking and applying for everything we were even remotely qualified for and still not finding anything, we talked lawn business.

So last summer, we started our own business. Living in the northwest, that means no money in the winter. Well, we have gotten behind. Our mortgage is behind, our van is behind, we pay what we can at the last possible minute. Today, the power company screwed up and shut us off (despite payment arrangements). Now, we have to scramble and get it back on before the kids get home from school. Or, I have to occupy the children until it comes back on. Really?
Power company is paid, but they can’t even give me an approximate of when it will be back on. Can’t even say it’ll be before 5. Whatever
Oh, and we are supposed to have company over tonight too. Lovely.

My van (that I owe almost twice what its worth) needs a good $500 worth of work on it (just put $400 into it in February).

My husband has a part time job, but that doesn’t even cover my mortgage. I just wish it would STOP raining outside so I can get my business running. I can do it all myself, I just need someone to watch #4.

Yes. I know. It could be worse. But right now, it feels like my world is crashing down around me.

Well, I guess no power and a napping baby means it’s homework time. What does abnormal psych have on tap for today? Stress and its effects on the mind and the body. Oh goody.


TGIF…I think

Today is Friday. To most moms, that means a possibility that they will get at least one day to sleep in. Not at my house. If I don’t make #2 sleep in my room, he will wake up with the sun and wake up #1 & #3. In turn, I get woken up because the waking of #1 & #3 usually consists of someone screaming. To me, Friday also means two days of trying to keep my kids busy, without spending money.

Who cares if it is Friday? I couldn’t tell you the last time my husband and I had a real date. You see, he doesn’t trust anyone to be in our house to babysit and that leaves MIL & FIL. They hardly ever take them all at once. Even for major things like our birthdays and anniversay. This is because they never had a babysitter, we shouldn’t need one. Seriously?!? My marriage isn’t perfect and sometimes I jsut need to work on it! I guess it doesn’t really matter, I wouldn’t have the money to go out even if she did take them. I don’t know how, but when I finish losing this weight, I will be going out. Dressing up, dinner, drinks, my husband, and some friends (not that we really have any, but that is a whole different post…)!

I should be doing homework. Instead, I am waiting for my husband to get out of bed so that we can go to a couple of garage sales before we have to re-enroll our children for school next year. Oh, and I need to write our paychecks and do the personal checkbook. Should also do the laundry that is piling up because my energy and motivation seem to have taken a vacation without me. I really wish they would quit that!!