Who is for Spring Break for anyways???

Who’s genius idea was it to give my children an entire week off?? Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and I love to spend time with them. However, I am a routine person. When they are home during the week, it throws me off. These are the things that no one tells you because no one wants to admit it. This is why no one that knows me, knows I write this. I would be criticized (because I am not criticized enough) by everyone I know. They may not tell me to my face, but they will criticize me.

Today, I got up early and decided to go to the gym. I hoped a little workout would help my mood for the day. All it really did was make me more tired. I allowed my kids to watch a movie, they hardly ever get to watch t.v. I thought it would help them to be in good moods. When my husband came home from his appointment, we went to lunch as family. Then, it started to go down hill. I took the kids shopping and to the library because there were things that needed to be done. There was fighting, screaming, whining, and blatant disobedience. Really??

I did make them all do 45 minutes of “homework” though. Math practice, handwriting (as journal prompts), Bible practice, book report presentation practice, and reading. The child who is working on the book report was supposed to present last week. She asked for help and I flipped. She asked me for help before and I tried to help, but she complained about all of the help I gave her. Another thing no one tells you, I flipped out on my kids and I do not feel guilty about it!

We did watch Journey to the Center of the Earth as a family in 3D. That was a good movie, now I need to watch it in 2D.

Now, I need to do my own homework because I don’t have spring break this week. What will we do tomorrow? Who knows. Depends on the weather. Maybe we will walk to the park, if it’s not raining. Spring break would be 10 times better if it would just be nicer outside!!

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