Yep, another one

I have lost a total of 18 pounds since January 1! Now, if only I could quit wanting junk. I am a complete stress eater. I want pop and candy. I am also a boredom eater. They say knowing the problem is the first step to solving it. I am hoping this blogging will help, but realistically doubt it.

I hate exercise! I tried getting into Wii exercising, but with my life I feel like I have no time. When I do have time, I just want to take a break! Excuse me for wanting to be lazy once in a while!

I get up to get three kids ready for school. Feed them, make lunches, and take them to school. All the while, I am trying to keep #4, a 1 1/2 year old out of trouble, fed, and a clean diaper.

My husband has some health issues and doesn’t go to bed until 3:30 am so he sleeps until 11:00 am. He gets up just in time to go to work at 2:00.

While the kids are at school, I try to work on the laundry, my homework, keeping the youngest busy, grocery shopping, managing my business…you know what I mean. I pick the kids up and there is homework that needs to be done, activities to keep up with, dinner, baths, bed. Then I’m wiped out.

Two nights a week, one child has tutoring. The program is great, but it is a waste of time for everyone else. I can’t go home, I would just have to turn around and go back.

One night a week, they have choir. My mother in law takes care of that. Thank goodness! One less thing I have to do!

Another night, they have chess club after school. That is a free hour, but it is more concentrated my efforts have to be on homework when they get home.

Then there is girl scouts. Wow. I am tired just listing all of this!

Well, I think I have passed my craving for goodies. Good night all!

Please forgive me in advance…

Honestly, this is the first personal blog I have ever written. I would like to say that I think I will have a great deal of brilliant advice for you to take, or even some great adventures for you to read about. However, the reality is that I am an average mom of four beautiful children. Sometimes it will sound like all I do is complain, sometimes I will sound like I want to move to a new country with a new identity, but I really just want you to know that you are not alone. My main purpose for writing this is to relieve a little stress.

As moms, we are not supposed to complain about everyday things because we should be happy with our lives. After all, it was our own choice to be moms. I am happy with my life, but I also know that everyday life is stressful!! I will never use any real names in my posts. I will tell you the truth though.

Tonight, I am just planning on introducing myself. Right now, I am 27, a wife, and a mother of two boys and two girls. I met my husband during my sophomore year in high school. We have been together for most of the time since. As a senior in high school I became pregnant with our oldest girl, #1. I did graduate, but very pregnant. We married soon after graduation. One year later, our oldest boy, #2, was born. After another two years, our youngest boy, #3, was born. When #3 was five, our youngest child, #4, was born.

The main things to know about me right now are: this is my second year of having my lawn business open, my husband has a part time job, I am a full-time student working on my BLS in Social Services, my children attend a private school (this is their first year), #1 is in Girl Scouts, #2 is in a tutoring program, all three of my older children are in choir at our church, and they are also in chess. Everything else, you will learn as I come upon it all.

For now, I need to close the computer before my battery dies, put my children to bed, and attempt to do homework and laundry. Good night for now!