March 4, 2008

I know I should not have gone off on him like that but I am so sick of his pity party. Just because his job is more labor intensive does not mean that he gets to be a bum. He expects me to be able to do dinner, his homework, my homework, keep the kitchen clean, kids’ homework, listen to and concentrate on every word he says, get the kids ready for and put to bed, and go to bed with him by 9:30…I am going to try to pick up the pace around here and see if it makes a difference. Highly unlikely, but oh well.


***It has been asked why I am posting these old journal entries again. I am doing it so that you have a better idea of what I went through, on some level am still going through, and what my kids are going through with KD. The secod to last sentence in this entry really hits hard. Even with all I was doing, I still thought it was my fault.***