Mr. Hypocritical

I tried, but no success last night. He was just being too rude.

I am tired of being wide and mother. I am expected to not only help with, but apparently do for him, the dishes. Don’t forget [the] “I have no socks,” “You don’t spend enough time with me,” “You don’t take care of yourself,” “I need a ride to work,” “Pick me up on time,” “Don’t leave early,” “We can’t afford it,” “I am buying cigarettes.” I am so sick of Mr. Hypocritical and his f[reaking] cigarettes. I just want me time. Oh, can’t get my nails filled cuz we can’t afford it. Can’t take them off because they cost too much to put on. Whatever! It is only going to be worse while I am in school. I guess maybe I should not go. Oh, but we can’t afford for me not to go. I don’t know what I am expected to do. [I have so much at work too.] I am going to ask someone to bring me an air pump and I am driving his POS car to get a used tire, so his happy [butt] can drive it.

Don't bite your to me

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